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Erik Lindeman
Managing Director

Erik's role @ Marketing

Hi! How nice of you to visit my personal page. My role and responsibility is to help our clients and employees grow in numbers and happiness.

My background

I wrote my first lines of code (HTML) when I was only 12 years old. When I registered my company with the Chamber of Commerce in 2009, I naturally didn't know what adventures awaited me. Since then the company has grown steadily and beautifully with fantastic clients and colleagues. During my adventure I ventured into a number of challenging side-projects. I have been active in the e-gaming industry, SaaS and e-commerce for a long time. Here I learned how to convert large traffic into revenue and the impact of search engine marketing. As with any entrepreneur, some projects are successful and some are not. And by that I mean that these projects were not successful in figures, because the knowledge and experience I have gained with them can be used in better decisions for the future.

What I do outside of work

I am currently in the midst of the "hard days". Many visits to the arcades, toy stores and pancake houses. Yet every now and then I take my own time and I do a lot of running in the Dutch dunes to keep fit. I love to drink a glass of wine with my wife in the evening and make plans for the future. In addition, I like to spend time with my friends and colleagues in a good restaurant. But I might as well enjoy an old-fashioned Dutch cafe to play a game of darts. You can also meet me on stage with a rock band formation behind me. Although this has hardly happened in recent years due to the corona circumstances.


Strategy, Projectmanagement, HTML/CSS, UX/UI Design, Search engine optimization, Social advertising, Search engine Advertising, WordPress, e-Commerce

Tools I work with

Oxygenbuilder, Elementor, Frontity, Google Ads, Google Web Designer, Advanced Custom Fields, SEOPress, SE Ranking, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, HotJar, ActiveCampaign

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