The React framework for WordPress

Frontity is the easiest way to create lightning fast websites using WordPress and React. Open source and free to use.

What is Frontity?

Frontity is a free and open source framework. It enables you to easily build a React-based frontend for a headless (or decoupled) WordPress site. Your WordPress site serves its data via the REST API, and the frontend that you build with Frontity consumes this data and renders it in the browser as a SPA (Single Page Application) which you can configure and style to your liking.
You still use your WordPress dashboard to edit and create content in exactly the same way that you are accustomed to. As you make changes content is automatically updated in your Frontity site, just as it is when using a traditional WordPress theme.

Performance is vital

Frontity is as fast as a static site generator. Provide an instant experience with dynamic content using Serverless Pre-rendering (SPR). So no more waiting for the server to calculate what to show you, just get the raw data from the REST API and (almost) instantly show this in the browser.
Designed for performance

Security is key

With WordPress running at ~30% of all websites on the internet it’s no surprise hackers also find this an interesting system to attack. With Frontity running as a Headless CMS it becomes (a lot) harder to attack your website.
Erik Lindeman

"We believe in the potential and future of Frontity. And not only do we believe in this, it is not without reason that parties such as Google and Automattic (the company behind WordPress) have invested substantial amounts in the Frontity project."

Erik Lindeman
Managing Director @ Marketing B.V.

We actively contribute to the Frontity community

Our developers contribute to the development and success of Frontity. For example, we have contributed to a great solution to enable the use of Gravityforms
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