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We are at our best as soon as we can build WordPress websites from scratch: designing, realizing and optimizing. The websites we build convert. "Beautiful" is a taste, we prefer to build high converting websites that are technically sound and that appeal to your target group.

We only design and develop custom WordPress websites.

We have extensive experience in building websites within various industries. Whether your goal is to build a good business website for your law firm or for your webshop running on WooCommerce : we design and build a website that suits your company and target group.

We build with the latest standards in the industry:
Tools we love to use:
WP Rocket
Advanced Custom Fields

"We develop our webapplications with a great focus on the available Core Web Vitals budget to aim for blazing fast performance"

Johan de Jong
Full Stack Engineer @ jacht.digital Marketing B.V.

PageBuilders are perfect for Marketers who want to be less dependent on their developers.

The aim of Pagebuilders is to “create beautiful websites without writing a single line of code”. With this, the developers are responding to the need of a large group of Marketers who can quickly apply changes to the website for their organization or who can create a Landing page themselves, without having to engage an (external) web agency for this.

Besides the fact that it saves costs and speeds up the Workflow, it is also very instructive and cool to build professional Landing pages yourself.

We help these Marketers in developing a website in a PageBuilder. This is how we set the foundation and give advice on how they can work efficiently themselves.

We work a lot with the following PageBuilders for WordPress and WooCommerce:

Headless WordPress with React

We can build blazing fast websites with WordPress and React. You can use the #1 CMS to update and maintain your content. Using react as a front-end gives you blazing fast loading times, more security and huge SEO benefits.

We expect companies to massively switch to WordPress with the headless benefits in the coming years. Are you considering refurbishing or redesigning your company website? Then we strongly advise you to consider the project in Frontity.

More information about WordPress as a headless CMS?
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