SEO growth for Dutch SaaS diamond Employes

Employes provides a SaaS solution for entrepreneurs who have no salary knowledge themselves and who have always outsourced their payroll processing to a bookkeeper or accountant. This is often an inefficient process. With Employes you can easily do this yourself and pay your staff quickly.

Erik Lindeman

by Erik Lindeman

Published: November 8, 2021
Last modified: December 13, 2021

The importance of SEO

It is essential for Employes to be found well and to work with SEO in a consistent way. Because they themselves do not have the time and skills to implement a good SEO strategy, they have entrusted us with the task of achieving growth. Payroll administration is a traditional market with well-known and large players. This seemed like a difficult challenge for Employes to intervene. With our help and Employes as a newcomer, they have quickly established themselves among the big names.

Flywheel effect

The role of Marketing within Employes is that in the beginning, it provided a very good basis with clear starting points. marketing is now the point of contact to improve the SEO Strategy. The result of increasing findability has led to much more signups and therefore growth. Employes invests this growth in order to grow even faster. Actually, this collaboration has led to a flywheel effect.

The growth in pictures

Growth in Organic Traffic. Start collaboration: May 2019


Quickly watch the video below in Dutch. You can turn on the subtitles to make it more understandable 🙂

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