Performance-Based SEO: Growing with PPL (Pay per Lead) is one of the largest intermediaries in consumer credit in the Netherlands. After various negative experiences with previous SEO agencies, Geldshop has set the condition for us to enter into a collaboration in which we are mainly rewarded based on a growth in the number of organic Leads achieved.

Erik Lindeman

by Erik Lindeman

Published: October 27, 2021
Last modified: January 4, 2022

Together with Geldshop, we set up a progressive performance model in which a Baseline was determined. This Baseline is based on the average number of Leads from organic traffic over the past 12 months. A progressive lead fee has been agreed for the numbers above this Baseline. The higher the number of Leads, the higher the compensation per Lead.

SEO based on performance-reward does not mean that this collaboration is based on SEO no cure/no pay basis. In this case, with a collaboration based on performance-related pay, a fixed number of working hours per month applies against a reduced hourly rate. An additional advantage for the customer is that we do not cling to the agreed hours but maximize the result within the shortest possible period. We greatly benefit from a collaboration that yields a high ROI in the short term.

And this has been very successful. View the graphs below with the realized growth of more than 250%.

Expansion of cooperation.

Due to the productive cooperation for both parties, Geldshop’s request soon followed to also transfer the websites and under the same agreement. Again a baseline was established and a fee based on growth in the number of leads.

Extremely competitive SEO market.

Geldshop operates in a very competitive market when it comes to findability in search engines. The search volume for a search term related to lending is huge and the CPC in Google Ads is extremely high. That is why we have established a number of important KPIs to achieve growth. One spearhead is to beat the competition on performance. For example, for optimal performance of the website and still being able to offer flexibility to generate landing pages quickly and in the short term, we have chosen to build the website in Oxygen builder with WordPress. As a result, we have been able to create extremely fast loading times.

In addition, we used smart keyword research to identify long-tail keywords that the competition failed to find and we fired our link building packages at competitive search terms.

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