[Solved] My Google Display Campaigns are approved but are not getting any impressions, how can I fix this?

This is a common problem frequently complained about on the Google forum, but no concrete solution has been written.

Erik Lindeman

by Erik Lindeman

Published: August 13, 2021
Last modified: December 13, 2021

The problem

You have set up a new Google Display Campaign and want to target a specific audience for your campaign. You are convinced that you have correctly configured all campaign settings, ad group settings and advertisements.
All steps are approved by Google but after 1 or 2 days you notice that there are no activities at all in the form of clicks or impressions.

Most of the advice given on the Google forum is to increase the CPC. But after you have taken these steps, you still do not see that it has been solved.

The solution

The following steps should help you activate the campaigns and generate the necessary impressions and clicks:

  1. Remove all keywords from your ad group. This seems to give most of the complications, especially with campaigns aimed at relatively smaller target groups. Instead, we’re going to put configure a combined target audience.
  2. Set your bidding strategy to CPC if you’ve chosen a different strategy. And yes, we will increase the CPC a little more broadly.
  3. Use combined audiences to define your audience. You can create these centrally at Tools -> Audiences -> Combined Audiences.
  4. Configure your Combined Audiences with and/or conditions to frame your target audience. This is to limit your target group and tailor it more specifically. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to reach your target audience based on the content on your Landing Page and the Combined Audiences.
  5. Save your Combined Audiences and go back to your Display Campaign settings -> Audiences.
  6. Edit the Audiences. Select your Ad group and go to Browse.
  7. Select “Your Combined Audiences” at the bottom and select the Combined Audience you just created.
  8. Save it and check your campaign settings further. For example, specify your demographics to target your target audience more effectively.
  9. It could take up to 24 hours before you notice activity.

This method always works for us. After we notice that we see activities, we tailor the campaigns more specifically. We always try to avoid the use of search terms.

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