From zero to Local SEO giant in 1 year

Erik Lindeman

by Erik Lindeman

Published: August 20, 2021
Last modified: January 4, 2022

SVZ Advocaten in Haarlem consists of a team of young, passionate lawyers who started a new law firm in the center of the city of Haarlem in 2020. A bold step because Haarlem is known as a “law city” with an enormous offer and competition within the areas of law in which they specialize.

Initially, the goal that SVZ Advocaten set for us was simply to realize work via the website by generating sufficient leads.
Our SEO specialists drew up an extensive SEO strategy so that the website had to become a profitable channel within a realistic period.

Naturally, we set the bar higher than just establishing a profitable channel: We wanted to obtain all possible SERP positions for SVZ Advocaten in and around Haarlem. In other words: to become the “go-to” club when someone in and around Haarlem would search for a lawyer.

Concrete SEO plan with KPIs

Our SEO team started with data research including keyword research and extensive competition analysis.

We checked two types of Local SEO competitors extensively:

  1. Law firms that have built up good rankings with their website in recent years and are easy to find on the most relevant searches with the most search volume.
  2. Law firms that are (very) active with SEO because they employ a Marketeer themselves or outsource SEO to another agency.

As a result of this competitive analysis, this resulted in a concrete action plan reinforced with clear KPIs;

  1. The competition could be beaten on performance. We wanted to realize the fastest website with an optimal Core Web Vitals Score.
  2. We wanted absolute certainty that Google’s Crawlbots would index the website optimally. From our On-Site analysis, we found that the layout of the website structure would create complications that would make it difficult for the algorithms to determine which content should be indexed.
  3. We had to apply ORP (Online Reputation Management) to optimize the guidelines of Google’s E-A-T.
  4. We had to produce relevant articles about the services offered by SVZ advocaten.
  5. We ran extensive correlation reports to match the On-Page content and Off-Page factors.
  6. As a result, we have built up a better backlink profile than our peers and have actively applied our link building packages to this.


After more than a year, the results are something to be proud of. We don’t share numbers, but we like to let the graphs speak for themselves.

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