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Stijn Smit
Junior Digital Marketeer

Stijn's role @ Marketing

Hey there! Welcome to my page. I am Junior Digital Marketeer at Jacht.Digital and I keep myself occupied with everything SEO related.

My background

I started my journey with a job in sales. In 2019 I became a student of Commercial Economics. While studying I had a part-time job selling subscriptions and security systems. After doing sales for a couple of years I wanted to switch things up. I discovered digital marketing and loved it, in particular conversion optimization and SEO. Right now I am actively working on improving my expertise on Search Engine Optimization and web development. SEO is a broad topic with a lot of challenges, that is what makes this field in particular the most interesting to delve into for me.

What I do outside of work

At home you will still find me sitting behind my computer, the only thing that changes is the program running on the screen. I love playing competitive shooters. Besides playing online games I like visiting friends and spending time with my girlfriend. When I have some hours to spare I visit the gym. On the weekends I am always up for a movie or a series. I prefer watching crime and/or mystery.


Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertisement, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization and E-Mail Marketing.

Tools I work with

SE Ranking, Google Search Console, WebPageTest, MOZ and more.

Recent articles I wrote

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