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Rey van Hilten
Graphic Designer

Rey's role @ Marketing

Greetings, and welcome to my page! I am a Junior Graphic Designer at Marketing. I occupy myself with creating cool designs and any other things related to that.

My background

My journey to making digital creations started in 2018, where I got accepted at Mediacollege Amsterdam for the Game Artist study. I only recently started making digital artwork and designs at the time and was extremely happy I got accepted. During my time there I learned even more about the world of digital artwork and design, such as how to work with colors, compositions, etc. The thing I quite enjoy as well about the study is the ways of doing things don’t only apply to games as the study suggests, but to nearly everything that has to do with art and design, since it has quite the same core principles. Right now I am using the knowledge I have earned through my time at college to help Marketing with graphic designs.

What I do outside of work

Outside of work I am mainly seen playing MMORPG videogames and/or making (digital) art. I chat with my friends pretty much on a daily basis and have a great time with them as well. I rarely watch television, but once it’s on I watch a lot of real crime documentaries and some comedy things every now and then. I also have a dog, Clara, and a cat, Oreo, who I take care of along with my smaller brother and mother, but sadly the pets don’t get along with each other that much.


Art & Design.

Tools I work with

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Recent articles I wrote

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