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Johan de Jong
Full Stack Engineer

Johan's role @ Marketing

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My background

At the age of 12 I started with books about learning Java, which was fun but a bit too complex to start with. A few years later I found out about web development and I taught myself the basics of PHP and MySQL. I also gained more knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript which not only made it possible to build small websites but later also building and maintaining advanced CMS systems and web applications. More than 15 years later after starting with (serious) programming, and over 10 years of working experience, I'm capable of working on any product or project which is web-based.

What I do outside of work

My hobby is my work, so at home you'll also find me working with code or reading/watching/listening to the latest trends on the internet. Alternatively watching a good movie or series, or, as a good nerd should, playing a game or two till way after midnight. Vacations are usually spent camping and walking, or doing city trips. And yes, that is without a computer and a fast internet connection.


  • WordPress
  • Laravel/Lumen
  • React/Vue
  • Frontity

Tools I work with

  • VSCode (or Atom for small changes)
  • SourceTree
  • Vagrant (and VVV for WP development)

Recent articles I wrote

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